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Thank you for visiting my site.  

My name is Jo and I'm a qualified counsellor from Cheltenham.  

I know from personal experience how daunting it can be when considering talking to a counsellor.  The thought of sitting in a room with a complete stranger and talking about very personal, sometimes distressing, aspects of your life is a bit strange.  So why does it work?  Have you ever had a worry, concern or been struggling with a problem which feels so overwhelming that you simply can't think about anything else?  It takes over your whole life, stops you from sleeping, interferes with your personal relationships and even affects your work.  You feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You really want to talk to a close friend, family member or your partner, but every time you pluck up the courage to mention it, you change your mind.  There's that fear of judgment or the worry that it won't remain confidential!  That's where counselling comes in.  A completely non-judgmental, confidential, safe space for you to really open up and talk about those issues which you have had to keep to yourself.  My role isn't to tell you what to do or give you advice.  I'm simply there to listen to you and explore those experiences, feelings and emotions with you.  This is your journey of self discovery, but together, we can try to make sense of it all.  It may take time, but you'll no longer be alone with your worries.  

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